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The Austrian Society for Bone and Mineral Research announces its

2018 International Research Prize

The prize acknowledges an individual whose recent work in the fields of molecular, cellular, material science, (patho)physiological or clinical aspects of bone and mineral metabolism has resulted in a novel finding or concept.
Individuals are invited to submit up to three related publications that have appeared since 2015. Papers in press are acceptable if accompanied by an acceptance letter from the journal. Publication must be in English, in refereed journals listed in Current Contents.

Applicants should describe their finding or concept and its background in a brief statement, not to exceed 300 words, emphasizing the importance of their contribution to progress in bone and mineral metabolism. The letter of application should also include a brief biographical sketch, along with a letter stating that co-authors agree to the
submission and either wish to share the prize money or waive their claim to it. The prize of EUR 7,500.- will be awarded at the Austrian Bone Conference 2018, which will be held in Vienna, Austria, on November 23 – 24, 2018.

The work of the prize winner will be featured during this conference. Complete applications must be submitted not later than April 16, 2018 to: All entries, which comply to the aforementioned
regulations, will be forwarded to an international jury which will independently select the
prize winner.

The jury consists of: K. Klaushofer (Vienna, Chair), G. Karsenty (New York), S. Kato (Fukushima), H.M. Kronenberg (Boston), T.J. Martin (Melbourne), H. Takayanagi (Tokyo), A. Teti (L’Aquila), R.V. Thakker (Oxford), E. Wagner (Madrid). The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. The winner will be notified by end of July 2018.

Previous Prize Winners:

1988: T.J. Martin
1991: M. Thomasset and A. Teti
1994: E.M. Brown
1997: G. Karsenty
2000: S. Kato
2003: J. Penninger
2006: H. Takayanagi
2009: E. Wagner
2012: H.M. Kronenberg
2015: R.V. Thakker